After the brutal murder of one of Watson's dearest friends, Sherlock attempts to solve the case with the help of an unlikely ally - a medium! As Sherlock prods the family with questions and the Medium contacts the spirit world for answers, tension rises as the pair grows closer to solving the case and unmasking the perpetrator of this heinous crime!
Hans Bridger Heruth's arrangement of the traditional African-American spiritual, "Gospel Plow", performed by the Liberty Senior High School Concert Choir under the direction of Dr. Rika R. Heruth.

The Festival Singers of Florida perform 'Joy' by Hans Bridger Heruth

Amy Young and Lauren Rizzo, soloists

Dr. Kevin Fenton, conductor

Robin Shuford Frank and Justin Havard, Piano

Appearing on the Paul Pepper Show to promote the new chamber opera composed by Hans Bridger Heruth, this aria begins with Sherlock Holmes after he arrives at the home of Major Blake who has recently been murdered. The family isn't pleased to see Sherlock, leading him to believe that one of them must be the murder!