A Certain Madness (album).jpg

A Certain Madness

by Hans Bridger Heruth

After the brutal murder of one of Watson’s dearest friends, Sherlock attempts to solve the case with the help of an unlikely ally – a medium! As Sherlock prods the family with questions and the Medium contacts the spirit world for answers, tension rises as the pair grows closer to solving the case and unmasking the perpetrator of this heinous crime!

Premiered by the Show-Me Opera Program
Directed by Christine Seitz
University of Missouri Philharmonic conducted by Dr. Barry Ford

In order of appearance:
Sherlock Holmes - Marques Jerrell Ruff
Dr. John Watson - Connor Cochran
Ada Blake - Martha Allen
Jasper Blake - Savon Hayes
Constance Blake - Mathena Claire Page
Madame Desrochés - Aubrey Smith
The Spirits - Chorus